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Magnatec eWorld is an India based Information Technology (IT) company. The company was founded by a group of executives with work experience in international companies around the globe. Magnatec-eWorld aspires to be a global competitor as an equal to leading IT companies, harnessing the untapped raw local talent and channeling it for productive work for the local economies.

Services provided by Magnatec-eWorld


Magnatec eWorld delivers your adds to real people who are actually engaged in looking for your products/services.


the public sector procurement news for all J&K Boroughs.


People aren't resumes, Organisations aren't just stepping stones.

There are hopes and aspirations behing each resume,each placement

There are people on both sides of table We know, we have known it for so many years

We are

Magnatec eWorld -Building Carreers,Building Organisations.

Software Development

We offer Software Solutions to our global clients by leveraging process, domain and people management expertise.

At Magnatec eWorld we have built our organization around managing risk for our clients through a scalable, cost-effective and predictable delivery platform.


Know more about the personalities holding the highest offices and important positions in Executive, Judiciary and Legislature in the country. View full profile by accessing Official's name .

Banking Information

Get Information of your banks,braches and other codes...

Generate 16 digit bank code

Education Sector

Youur progress as a nation can be no swifter than our progress in education. The human mind is our fundamental resource. .

Magnatec eWorld provides you a way in finding your college Information.