Plans for Listing In Search Engine

Plan 1
Starter Plan(Rs 400/- Single Page Listing without Photos/Logos)

Plan 2
Bronze Plan(Rs 500/- Single Page Listing with Photos/Logos

Plan 3
Bronze+(Rs 1000/- 2 Pages Listing)

Plan 4
Silver Plan(Rs 1500/- 3 Pages Listing)

Plan 5
Silver+ Plan(Rs 2000/- 4 Pages Listing)

Independent Web Sites by our Search Engine

Plan 6
Gold Plan(Rs 4000/- 3 Pages Website)

Plan 7
Gold+ Plan(Rs 5000/-10 Pages Website)

Plan 8
Platinum Plan(Rs 10000/-Upto 25 Pages Website)

Classified Ads

Plan 9
Yearly Classified (Rs 2000/- Subscription for 1 Year Only)

Plan 10
Daily Classified(Rs 100/- One Day Listing)

Brief Descriptions of above mentioned Listings

This listing directs the search engine user to one full page details of our registered customer, showing his detailed address, contact info, business description etc. without your Photo’s and logo.

This listing directs the search engine user to one full page details of our registered customer, showing his detailed address, contact info, business description summary etc. along with one photograph and your logo. Click the link below for demo listing


3.Bronze Plus:
The listing is same as above, with an additional page which can be named “Contact” or “Product Page” or “Profile Page” etc. as per your requirements.

This plan acts like an mini website within the engine with multi-links to move between (3) three pages of listing.

5.Silver Plus:
Giving you the option to move between the (4) four of listing all other features remaining same as above

6.Gold, Gold Plus and Platinum:
Giving our valued customer an option to have their own website of Five (5), Ten (10) and Unlimited pages(max 25 pages) respectively, with all the features of any conventional site. The site would be designed, maintained and hoisted by Magnatec eWorld. Click the link below for demo.

7.Yearly Classified Ads:
It’s a section of classified Ad.’s which gives our valued advertiser 4cms X 4cms space in our classified page, were our valued advertiser can change the content of their classified using their user Id and Password any time anywhere they like to. Every clasid would be made using flash media to catch glare and so that our registered customers can flash discount offers or any festive offers on the page. The listing is valid for one year unlike above mentioned other listings which are valid for 2 (Two) years. Link of Clasid Ad.’s Section would be placed on our main search engine page, so as to attract more n more clicks to the Clasid Section. In addition Our Clasid Section registrants would get one full page listing as in Bronze Plan with their logo/s and Visuals.

8.Daily Classified Ads:
This section resembles News Paper Classified Ad. Section. It’s a section, which is same as above but, the contents will be available on daily basis. The charges mentioned above are for one day.

Addon Benefits

a) Gold,Gold+ and Platinum plans carry free Web Mails.

b)All Plans except Plan no. 9 & 10 Valid for two years.

c)Customer can Upgrade to other Plans anytime.

d)Independent User ID and Password for registered login will be given to every user for upgrading/modigying his contents any where any time.

e)Backend support/Technical support available for 24 x 7 x 365.

f)Users can update his Job requirement at his/her office through their own User ID and Password provided, for free listing in our jos section.

g)Search Engine will carry and cover every section ranging from education sector to political who is who- to upto date Govt. info with contact info and mobile no's.

h)Mobile applications and windows application developed by Magnatec eWorld team.

i)Ads,tenders, bussiness info,job listing/info ,consultancy ,admission notification ranging from pre schools to University level.

j)Customized enduser need based personal software development.

k)Website development, hosting and maintaining.

And much more to offer for our valured customers.