We are experts in the creation of web-based, standalone and distributed software and we utilise these skills to ensure that the package we provide is exactly what your business needs to see a good return on investment.

We deal with many clients, from start-up businesses upwards, and feel that any business, no matter the size, can benefit from the cutting edge technology that we can provide. Our in-depth design, development and testing process ensures that all software we create is of the highest standard.

The staff at Magnatec eWorld are well versed in a multitude of technologies, including HTML, CSS, ASP, ASP.NET, Various SQL based technologies, PHP , Java and C and C#, and we utilise all of these to ensure that our solutions are perfectly suited to your company requirements.

Feel free to browse the site and we will provide you with all of the information you need to decide on the software solution that Magnatec eWorld can provide for you.



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With mobile computing coming to the forefront in recent years, spurred by the success of mobile platforms like the Blackberry and iPhone, the demand from consumers for mobile applications that allow them to do things on the move is ever-increasing.

Magnatec eWorld has expertly adapted out talents for software development and channelled them into ensuring that we can provide the best possible mobile applications. We are fully registered and able to provide applications that can be sold via platforms such as Apple's App Store as well as for mobile platforms using the Android interface.

Mobile platforms are becoming increasingly popular, both amongst consumers and businesses, with many companies releasing mobile applications that can take advantage of an increased demand and consumer awareness of these platforms. You can join them with a top quality and fully tested mobile application developed by Magnatec eWorld. We fully test every application we create to ensure only the best quality.

Join the mobile revolution with a custom built mobile application that will enable you to reach your customers, wherever they are.Magnatec eWorld